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I admire movies have a sex scene. I'm very excited if the movie has erotic sex. One thing I want when I'm watching movies, I want to guess what happen...
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Some say that I have this intimidating aura, so they don't approach me even if they like me. I won't deny that fact; I want to add to it instead. I ma...
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It blows me away looking at someone wanking. I could feel that there's this force pushing me and telling me to suck this bloke's penis like a slag. It...
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I have a lot of hobbies that I enjoy. I can sew, knit, draw, and dance. What I do the most is dancing because I like to shake my derrière. One day, I...
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A work in progress but I assure you that I am not the type to give up. I have my flaws and mistakes, I am comfortable in admitting so. I do appreciate...
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When I was younger, I used to fantasise about what it's like to be part of royalty. I think it's every girl's dream to live like a princess even for a...
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