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A bloke's natural smell just gets me randy. I steal their shirts and wear them to sleep with nothing else on. Starkers, just a shirt with their manly ...
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If you are wondering what an old lady is doing here, then let me tell you up straight. Despite my age, I still have needs that can only be provided by...
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I am into blokes who get a bit narky whenever I tease him. I am the kind of lass who loves cuddles, spooning and random hugs. If there is one thing th...
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Nothing beats a good cocktail before midmorning, not so much that it would get me plastered. Just a nip and I'd be good for the day, a woman like me s...
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Have you ever experienced that moment when you don't want to stop chatting with someone? I like that between us. I'm after a great conversation. I liv...
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